CanningDelicious Creamsicle Jelly

Delicious Creamsicle Jelly

If you love the taste of the creamsicle ice cream you will love this recipe for creamsicle jelly. Made with fresh orange juice and vanilla beans it tastes so much like a creamsicle. It is delicious spread on just about any bread, biscuit or muffin you can think of.

Delicious Creamsicle Jelly

Kellis Kitchen shares the recipe and she says it is good stirred into yogurt and over ice cream. I haven’t tried it in yogurt or on ice cream but it is so good on a hot biscuit. It also makes for a new experience in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The orange and the peanut butter go together well. This jelly is water bath canned and pectin is optional. Try some, when all the summer fruits have been canned, citrus fruits appear to provide more opportunities.

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