Wild Food ForagingDelicious Healing Pine Tree Needle Syrup Recipe

Delicious Healing Pine Tree Needle Syrup Recipe

How to Make Delicious Healing Pine Tree Needle Syrup Recipe Pine needles syrup is detailed in this step by step tutorial. This is particularly prized recipe is an extraordinary natural remedy for strengthening the immune system against all types of flu, colds, coughs and other respiratory illnesses.

A “White Pine” delivers an especially sweet syrup.

Delicious Healing Pine Tree Needle Syrup Recipe

This article teaches you how to make pine needle syrup. This syrup can help to curb lung inflammation, pneumonia, bronchitis and several other respiratory ailments.

Pine tree can grow over 10 meters in height, and its stepped roots stretch deep into the soil. Trunk and branches are covered in a brown youth-reddish, later gray-brown bark. The branches are spread over time in the form of an umbrella. Gray-green pine needles are long as 5 to 6 cm, made in tufts two together. The flowers are single-chamber, and the female flowers form a small cone, initially reddish, later brown and woody. The smell and taste are like resin, similar to turpentine.

The first step is to pick pine needles from a pine tree. While it is the most time consuming part, it is also the most important part. You must make sure they are all needles.

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According to the writer, bright green pine buds give rich and full flavor and they are sweeter. You should make that your target. The sweeter it is, the more attractive it can be. The second step is to clean and boil the needles very well. You have to boil it for half an hour. You should put equal dose of everything.

After that, you will strain out the tea. You can then add some sugar to the tea and boil it for another 15 minutes. It is advisable to use either white sugar or fructose. You should also bear in mind that it might look a little watery when hot. It will definitely become thicker and more viscous as it cools down.

To prepare the syrup, you need a bunch of pine needles, a jar, sugar, measuring cup and saucepan. You can then pour it in any jar that you have provided. The best period to harvest pine buds is between May and June. You can take the time to read it. The writer made several versions using different kinds of sugar and fructose. You can check them all out. Never forget to share it after reading.

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