RecipesDelicious Homemade Magic Shell Recipe for Ice Cream

Delicious Homemade Magic Shell Recipe for Ice Cream

This delicious homemade magic shell recipe for ice cream is made from healthy ingredients. This recipe was designed to show anyone how, with just a few ingredients and a little time by the stove, you can make as much of this magical topping that you want. Along with putting it on a dish of ice cream, you can also use it to make your own ice cream bars or dip fresh strawberries.

Delicious Homemade Magic Shell Recipe for Ice Cream

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For so many people dessert is the best part of any meal and ice cream has been a favorite for many since they were little. Chocolate syrup is almost a necessity in today’s household since it goes so well with ice cream. However, there is another type of topping that is very popular and it is because of its unique characteristic; Magic Shell Syrup. What makes it so unique is that almost instantly it forms a crunchy shell when it comes in contact with the ice cream.

Benefits of using the Homemade Magic Shell Recipe

● Use it to create many different homemade dessert treats for your family

● The recipe includes a listing of all of the necessary ingredients to make it

● It also includes an easy to read and follow step by step instruction guide

● The author includes several different dessert ideas to use it with


coconut oil

cacao or dutch cocoa powder

maple syrup or honey

There really are so many different uses for this stuff, imagine the fun of seeing how many things you can dream up.

Click here to read about how to make your own delicious homemade magic shell recipe for ice cream:

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