Food Storage & SkillsDelicious Honey Mint Russian Brined Apples Recipe

Delicious Honey Mint Russian Brined Apples Recipe

This Delicious Honey Mint Russian Brined Apples Recipe is a creative culliray twist on a very tradional old world recipe. Fermented honey apples, tastes like apple pie with a tiny splash of mint but they are so healthy!

Delicious Honey Mint Russian Brined Apples Recipe

There are many way to go about making Russian brined apples depending on the recipes that you want to use. To do this, you will need firm very ripe yellow apples (Antonovka) — you cannot compromise on this at all.

To begin, get rye flour (for fermentation purposes) and malt, honey, and some mint. You could also add leaves from black currant and sour cherry to brined apples—if you want a very nice fragrance. Remember that the apples should be submerged in brine always to prevent discoloration and also to prevent them from getting mushy.


Golden delicious apples (late harvest yellow (never RED apples!) firm varieties) to fill one gallon mason jar ( 11 apples, small to medium)

Small handful of mint leaves

Filtered water (about 8 cups)

Sprouted (malted) rye flour (optional, but recommended) how to sprout



Sourdough starter, preferably rye


One gallon mason jar with lid

Medium sauce pan

Hand whisk

Measuring spoons

To make a Russian brined apple, place washed apples on a jar appropriately (you could use a mason jar if you want) and with added mint closer to the bottom. You have to wedge it to prevent movement. Use a jar to measure the water you need and add sprouted rye flour and rye flour. And then add whisk and salt to the mix.

Boil a little while frequently whisking. Allow it to cool and then add honey to it. The honey should be dissolve by stirring. This is the brine that you are going to use. You should whisk added rye sourdough to the brine until it has dissolved.

Then pour it to the apples on the jar and make sure there are a few inches of the liquid above the apples in the jar. Cover appropriately and leave it at room temperature for 6 days. You have to remove the white froth on the liquid top twice daily. Then transfer it to refrigerator and you could keep it to a year.

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