RecipesDelicious Ladybug Tea Party Finger Sandwiches Recipe

Delicious Ladybug Tea Party Finger Sandwiches Recipe

These delicious ladybug tea party finger sandwiches recipe are easy to make with a few simple ingredients into a unique party food for your guests. This recipe will induce you to world of themed edible creations, by using a wide range of edible food stuff to create many different realistic party foods.

Delicious Ladybug Tea Party Finger Sandwiches Recipe

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Have you ever been to a party where the host of the party setup a whole table of food and one or more of the dishes appeared to be shaped in a special way? This involves using all edible items to represent parts of the item and when all put together you get tasty treat. The final result will always depend on the overall creativity of the person doing all of the work.


cherry tomatoes
black olives
pate – chicken, tuna or any other flavor you choose
balsamic vinegar
cream cheese
sandwich bread or crackers

Benefits of reading and using the Delicious Ladybug Tea Party Finger Sandwiches Recipe:

● The recipe includes a complete listing of all the needed ingredients to make it

● It also includes an easy to read and follow step by step instruction guide

● The recipe includes several full color photos depicting many of the stages

Having a recipe like this makes it really easy and the visual aids they included really makes it so much easier. The ladybug that is described inside this recipe was designed to look as close real as absolutely possible.

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