RecipesDelicious Mini Beef Wellingtons Recipe

Delicious Mini Beef Wellingtons Recipe

This elegant delicious mini beef wellingtons recipe are small elegant main course of wrapped tender beef tenderloin surrounded by a buttery pastry with mushroom, spinach & blue cheese filling.   Being a homesteader can mean you eat very well, the ingredients are cleaner and fresher.

Beef Wellington is beef tenderloin encased in a pastry crust and cooked. It is one of the classic recipes and where and when the dish was first created, is a dilemma. Everyone loves having this full of taste dish. Making it yourself can be pretty easy, inventive and fascinating.

Delicious Mini Beef Wellingtons Recipe

The ingredients include:

• Puff pastry (6 sheets)
• Beef tenderloin
• Spinach
• Portobello Mushrooms
• Cheese
• Onions
• Salt
• Olive Oil
• Pepper
• Eggs
• Unsalted Butter
• Fresh thyme leaves
• Minced garlic
• Flour

The process of making this beef wellington is very easy. You can just roll the puff pastry and make the shape of the cross with that. Next you need to prepare the items that need to go into the puff pastry. Caramelize the onions; prepare the spinach and cheese and pan sear the beef.

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