CanningDelicious Rose and Peony Jelly Recipes

Delicious Rose and Peony Jelly Recipes

If you grow scented roses or peonies you can make some delicious floral jellies and put them up to enjoy when the flowers are gone. You can make some and stock up your jelly shelf for winter when there are no roses. These are small batch recipes that are water bath canned. I love the fact that when you cook the flower petals the petals lose their color and the liquid turns an ugly color but when you add the lemon juice the color seemingly magically returns. Beautiful color and fragrance in these jellies. Imagine these colorful gems sitting in your pantry to be pulled out on a cold grey winter day or dressed in ribbon and gifted to a loved one or neighbor. All of that from some flowers growing in your yard. Please make sure to use only organic flowers that have not been sprayed.

Peony Jelly by
Peony Jelly by


Rose Petal Jelly

Rose Petal Jelly by

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