RecipesDelicious Swirled Cranberry and Walnut Bread

Delicious Swirled Cranberry and Walnut Bread

Here is a recipe for delicious swirled cranberry and walnut bread that will be a hit on your holiday table or serve you well for sandwiches with the holiday leftovers. You can use store bought cranberry sauce or if you have a recipe that you like you can use it. It will need to be more like a cranberry relish with chopped up fruit rather than a jelled cranberry sauce.

Delicious Swirled Cranberry and Walnut Bread

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If your cranberry relish is a bit runny you can drain it and or add some pomegranate seeds to it. I have made this with walnuts as called for but I have also used pecans and we like it with either. This bread is perfect for turkey sandwiches but it is really good warm with butter and even toasted with cream cheese spread on it. Cranberries are in season this time of year and they are very healthy so it is always nice to find another recipe where you can use them that doesn’t make cranberry sauce.

This recipe come from Seasons and Suppers and if you are like my family you will want to make it a few times while there are fresh cranberries around. She tells you this will look really messy and it does but once it is baked it just looks all rustic and delicious. The braiding is messy so if any of your cranberry, walnut filling falls out just scoop it up and put it on top of the bread once you have it in the pan. The recipe makes one loaf so you may want to double it and have plenty or gift a loaf. You are doing all of the work why not reap double the finished product.


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