RecipesDelicious Taco French Bread Pizza Recipe

Delicious Taco French Bread Pizza Recipe

This delicious taco french bread pizza recipe is frugal, quick and simple to make in your oven. With the invention of pizza as a delicious lunch or dinner meal, we’ve found our new favorite that combines all of our favorite meats and veggies to top some awesome cheese and warm bread dough.

We have grown to love the idea of pizza and all of its infamous variations. Who knew that pizza would taste amazing on French bread? Well, someone gave it a shot and it became an instant hit with its easy prep and low cooking times. Then, someone moved on and tried it out on tostada chips with toppings reminiscent of Mexican food with taco meat, beans, lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes.

Delicious Taco French Bread Pizza Recipe

Guess what happened next? It became the next big thing in the world of pizzas. With so many variations, it doesn’t seem to surprise anyone that pizza and all its glory is here to stay with us.

Ingredients to gather to make taco french bread pizza:

French Bread
lean ground beef
taco seasoning mix
refried beans
shredded cheddar cheese
black olives
green onions

What no one has tried until now is the very combination we’ve all been waiting to happen. It’s so great that no one can doubt how good it’ll taste with the first bite. With that first bite, you’ll be wondering why no one has come up with this awesome dish before. Combining your Mexican pizza with one baked on French bread, who knew it would be so great? Using the ingredients from the Mexican pizza, you’ll find that French bread instead of a tostada chip is so good you’ll have to make more.

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