Delicious Tart Of Salted Caramel Topped With Chocolate


              Calling all chocolate lovers, check out this recipe for a tart that has a chocolate crust then it is filled with lucious caramel and topped with sea salt sprinkled chocolate. This is a chocolate lovers dream dessert. If you know someone that loves chocolate this is the recipe to make  for their birthday or other special day. I love chocloate and watching the video of this being made had my toungue watering just thinking about a bite of all that gooey caramel and chocolate. Home Cooking Adventure shares this recipe and the video to show how to make it. My birthday is already past so I am going to have to figure out a day to make this because there is no way I am waiting a year to make this for myself. Hubs is more of a cheesecake person so can’t be for hs birthday next month. Maybe Memorial day will work…… Um it looks so good maybe Sunday will be a special day lol.


Get recipe>>>>>>





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