CanningDelicious Whiskey Ginger Jelly Canning Recipe

Delicious Whiskey Ginger Jelly Canning Recipe

This super delicious Whiskey Ginger Jelly canning recipe is a creative twist on a culinary favorite.

If you like a challenge and you like whiskey, then you’ll love this jelly recipe below. With the most basic of ingredients, you’ll find that this jelly is simply divine as you pair it with your favorite breads or rolls. You can do so much with this jelly that you won’t have to find excuses to use it on anything that catches your fancy.

The combination of whiskey and ginger is commonly referred to as a bourbon highball and that flavor is transferred into this jelly recipe. Yes, this is an adult only jelly recipe because there is going to be a small amount of alcohol in the jelly.

Delicious Whiskey Ginger Jelly Canning Recipe

While the whiskey has not burned off like most other alcohols in these types of recipes, you will still enjoy the buzz it can give you. Just make sure if you decide to share that the others aren’t minors since you don’t want the consequences of that. Otherwise, enjoy your whiskey jelly and find new foods that complement with it.

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