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Demystifying Purple Paint on a Tree

Learn what purple paint on a tree or fence post means. Have you ever been hiking or walking in an unfamiliar area and come across a patch of purple paint on a tree or post? If so, what did you do after seeing it? In some states, like Missouri, if you were to ignore the sign and continuing walking, you would actually be breaking the law. This article was designed to share some very valuable information designed to help those who have no idea what it is all about.

Demystifying Purple Paint on a Tree Article

This very important article is from Float Missouri. The State of Missouri is one of the few states but not the only state that have adopted laws covering trespassing on private land. The law allows any property owner to paint a patch of purple on a tree or fence post on their land in order to keep people away. No other signage is required and anyone caught inside the restricted area are subject to arrest and can be punished under the law. This info is really good for hunters that may see these purple paint patches while out hunting. I will also add a link down below that shows a state by state guide to no trespassing laws and signage.

Benefits of reading and following the Demystifying the Purple Paint on the Tree Article

Learn about one of the many lesser known laws before you end up being confronted by an angry property owner.
Discover some unique uses for this subtle signage that could end up preventing accidental injury.
The article contains numerous full color pictures that help to provide a good visual of some information.

Click here to read about:


This link will show all trespassing signage for all of the states….

Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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