Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have to Cost A Fortune


Guest Post by Steph from One Minute Healings


2-$1.00 bins at your local fruit stands

3-Lemons for pennies.

One Minute Healing
One Minute Healing


1-Brings seeds and grains to the point of life. It does not get more
nutritional than the fresh growth of new life. Sprouts contain an amazing
amount of nutrients and health benefits.

2-Sprouting brings grains and beans to a digestible level to avoid gut problems
such as gas.

3-It’s inexpensive healthy eating.

4-It’s so easy!


5- Most important of all, IT TASTES
GOOD! Even my picky grandson loves to the crunch of sprouts.

Let’s Begin;

Use any container. I prefer glass but as shown in the picture a plastic container from cakes from the store works great too.  I tried this because of a BLOG post you had. It worked great. Or take a well washed mayonnaise or canning jar and punch holes with nail and hammer in lid for air and drainage.
Or tie a piece of cheesecloth or screen over a tall drinking glass (a rubber band can secure the cheesecloth as well) Point being use something that lets air in and allows you to drain the water when you rinse it twice a day easily.


Key Points ;

Rinse beans or seeds really well.

Don’t over crowd the seeds , grains or beans

Rinse at least twice a day and drain pretty well


After rinsing (if using a jar) twirl
jar on its side so beans stick to sidewalls a bit. This allows for more space and air.

I have found this method works great
at preventing any type of mildew and bacteria and its super easy.

Keep it laid down on its side in
cool darkish place like a kitchen cabinet or corner on your counter.

Your seeds and beans after 2-3 days
will be sprouted and ready to use as a healthy crunch to salads soups home made
breads any dish that needs a good zip.Put them in your fridge and add them
daily to your dishes for added flavor and nutrition. Sprouts are also great to
add nutrition to our pets foots. My dog Buju loves mung bean sprouts.


*(Note- Beans in cans are cooked IN
THE CAN which means they retain their gaseous junk. ALWAYS RINSE CANNED BEANS REALLY WELL TO AVOID BELLY PROBLEMS as well as possible embarrassments )


If you are just soaking grains such
as brown rice over night to make more digestible simply cover with water and soak then wash well. Soaking beans over night also helps to release the gaseous stuff too.


I believe all beans, seeds and grains can be soaked and or sprouted to highly increase their nutritional value.

 My personal favorites are ;

  • Mung beans

  • Brown rice (soaked overnight)

  • Adzuki beans

  • Radish seeds


Have fun and experiment !


Plant a seed watch it grow. Together we will make our world a better place to live in.!/OneMinuteHealings

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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