GardeningDesign Solar Greenhouse for Year Round Fresh Food Project

Design Solar Greenhouse for Year Round Fresh Food Project

How to Design Solar Greenhouse for Year-Round Fresh Food Project will help you make your homestead self sufficient. One of the hardest parts of gardening and growing all of the produce that your family consumes is that for the most part, you are not able to grow plants year-round.

Design Solar Greenhouse for Year Round Fresh Food Project - The Homestead Survival - Gardening

Most regions of the country get overly cold in late fall to early spring and that makes it difficult to grow fruits and vegetables. However, for those people who wish to be able to grow year-round, this article discusses how to go about building a solar greenhouse.

The article was created by the author as a way to help educate others about how the sun can be harnessed to heat the inside and help the plants grow inside the greenhouse. The harsh conditions of late fall and winter make it tough for almost all plants to grow.

However, if designed properly the energy from the sun can be used to keep the air temperature warm enough to sustain growth and the sunlight needed by all plants to grow. All of the information is presented in a way that makes it easy to read and understand.


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