ArticlesDetailed Instructions on Choosing Home Generator

Detailed Instructions on Choosing Home Generator

Constant outages are a widespread problem for many areas. If you live in one of them, probably you are already looking for the 12000-watt dual fuel generator. The problem with electricity may appear suddenly, caused by storms or any other unpredictable situation, like the tree that fell down and damaged the wires. Most experienced householders prefer to keep the power generator in the storage, just to avoid lighting the candles or stuffing yourself with all the meat from your fridge to save it from spoiling. And what about life without the Internet in the current circumstances worldwide?

Home Generator

Suitable Generator for Home Use

Generators made for home use should be mobile, powerful, and simple to use. You have to pay attention to the features they all provide and choose which one you need the most. It is important to read reviews of other customers as well, since you may find helpful recommendations there. Pay attention to the next features:

  • Fuel. Pay attention to the wide range of fuel you may use for your generator. Standby generators use either liquid propane or natural gas. Still, many experienced users prefer diesel. Liquid propane and diesel fuels require big tanks. If you want to use batteries as the alternative, make sure they can be easily charged.

  • Power. Check out the power that your generator requires. The most popular option is several outlets of 240V.

  • Size. If you want to power your air conditioner with this generator, you need to provide it enough space. Some generators can be used outdoors; others are sensitive to rain and wind and are used in the basement or attic. You need to check the product details. Pay attention to the weight, as you will have to move the device occasionally from one place to another.

  • Run time. The bigger the fuel tank, the longer this generator works. Normally, the generator works up to 8 hours until it spends 50 percent of fuel. Some tools work even longer. You may want to refuel the tank less frequently, so find out how long the tool works half-loaded before you buy it.

  • Outlets. If your house does not have as many outlets as your generator requires, you may face a problem. Find out how many outlets you need before you buy a generator. You may also require USB ports.

  • Portability. If the generator is heavy enough, it must contain wheels and a handle so that you could roll it to the place you need. Make sure that the handle is not too low, and you don’t have to bend to hold it.

  • Affordability. You have to make sure that the price of the generator you pick meets its quality. Don’t go for a cheap generator with lots of negative reviews just to save extra money. However, don’t overpay for the generator you know nothing about.

The Best Generator for Your House

The market offers you a wide range of generators nowadays. All you need to do is pick the one that you find the most helpful. Learn all the features that you may use and decide which product matches your demands the most. It does not have to be the most expensive device among the competitors. Check out the reviews thoroughly as some power generators with a great reputation are pretty affordable.

Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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