Essential OilsDiminish Tension With Lavender Bath Salts Recipe

Diminish Tension With Lavender Bath Salts Recipe


For Your Mind
: Calm your nerves ! Lavender is rich in linalool which de stresses your central nervous system. Inhaling linalool also reduced the activity of more than 100 genes in your brain that “go into overdrive” in stressful situations.

For Your Beauty:  Minimizes skin imperfections. Lavender oil encourages cell rejuvenation, it is used in treating eczema and reduces scarring and stretch marks.

For Your HealthAlleviates aches and pains. Lavender’s anti- inflammatory proprieties help calm and comfort muscle aches and sinus pressure. 

* * * Add 2 Tablespoons of dried Lavender into 3 cups of Epsom salts in a glass bowl and stir,
Pour mixture in a Mason Jar.  Sprinkle 1/8 – 1/4 cup into a warm bath soothing bath and soak for at least 10 minutes.
Keeps for years but really will it last that long before you will use it ? LOL !

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
Greetings! I'm Melissa Francis, the founder and primary contributor to The Homestead Survival. With over 20 years of experience in homesteading, sustainability, and emergency preparedness, I've dedicated my life to helping others achieve a simpler, more self-reliant lifestyle.

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