BeveragesDipped Marshmallow Pops Perfect Swirled into Hot Chocolate

Dipped Marshmallow Pops Perfect Swirled into Hot Chocolate

These dipped Marshmallow pops are perfect swirled into hot chocolate for a creamy sugary sweet treat for a cold winter night. In order to make these yummy treats, you will need some large, fluffy marshmallows, sucker sticks or cake pop sticks, your dipping sauces you want, and some cellophane to wrap them up if you’re presenting them as gifts.

You will love the way these treats taste as you ‘test’ each batch you make. Who knew hours of fun was just a few marshmallows away?
Dipped Marshmallow Pops Perfect Swirled into Hot Chocolate

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Cold weather can make for some long time spent indoors for you and your little ones, especially when there is snow on the ground. You may be wondering what you can do to keep everyone busy while also creating something fun and delicious to eat in the process. If you’ve come here, your search is over as you’ve found the best way to spend some quality time on your own or with your family as you make some of the best marshmallow pops you could ever taste.

With simple recipes and combinations to make your marshmallow pops, you will have a blast as you try your hand at making a wonderful snack on its own or to be paired with some sweet hot cocoa. With these marshmallow pops, you don’t even need a lot of materials to make some wonderful treats for yourself and your little ones. What is more is that these are great no matter the time of year, which means you can make them all year round if you so choose.


Crushed nuts

Cupcake sprinkles

Crushed Oreos

Candies (mini M&M’s, toffee bits, Reese’s pieces, mini Reese’s cups, candy corn, crushed butterfinger,
chopped snickers, gummy bears

Sweetened Coconut flakes

Colored sugar


Mini chocolate chips, butterscotch chips

cinnamon toast crunch cereal

crushed graham crackers

pretzel pieces

melted chocolate or caramel for drizzling


Lollipop Bags, Pack of 100. 3 1/2″ x 6″, Polypropylene

Paper Lollipop Stick Sucker Candy Chocolate Cake Lolly Pops Making

Darice 28-001V 3-Inch-by- 4-3/4-Inch Clear Treat Bag 200-Pieces

Hello Kitty Marshmallow Pop, 12 Count

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