Emergency PreparednessTokyo Disaster Preparedness Manual Good For Urban Areas

Tokyo Disaster Preparedness Manual Good For Urban Areas

Tokyo Disaster preparedness manual good for urban areas was created by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and offers advice on earthquake and other disaster preparedness. It is geared toward Tokyo and its urban way of life but I think for anyone living in a big city there is some useful information in it. It is free to download and in English.

Tokyo Disaster Preparedness Manual Good For Urban Areas

I feel that any info that is free and may help save someone is worth having. I don’t print out every single thing but I always try to at leat read them so that hopefully if the information is ever needed I will have it in my head. I know a lot of folks have Kindles and solar chargers and they have hundreds of emergency preparedness, first aid, bug out, off grid communication, and even foraging and gardening books and all sorts of disaster preparedness books in case the shtf and they need all of that info.

That is probably a really smart thing to do because if they ever do need it, one, it will be too late to get it easily and two, it will be small enough to carry with them unlike a bookshelf of books. Probably won’t have a computer or even cell service to ask a search engine either. If that scenario ever comes and it has in different parts of even this country (think Wildfires and being evacuated with nothing)  the kindle and solar charger full of information that just may see you and your family through could easily fit into a backpack or purse.

This free disaster preparedness manual is probably worth spending a little while looking over. They may cover some things you haven’t seen before or possibly just remind you or re-enforce a memory on something you may have forgotten.


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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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