CleanersDitch The Chemicals With DIY Wool Dryer Balls

Ditch The Chemicals With DIY Wool Dryer Balls

Ditch the chemicals with diy wool dryer balls. If you use those dryer sheets from the store, do you know they are leaving chemical deposits on your clothing? That is what makes them feel softer and removes the static.

Ditch The Chemicals With DIY Wool Dryer Balls

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It leaves like a coating on the cloth that feels softer and doesn’t build up static because there are no actual fibers rubbing against each other with that coating on them. I know a lot of folks use the dryer sheets  for softness or to avoid static and some use them for the scent that they leave in your clothes. The scent alone should tell you that chemicals are being left in your clothing.  Learn how to make wool dryer balls and you will not be walking around in and sleeping in a chemical suit every day. By adding essential oils to the dryer balls you can still get an awesome scent and you can do all of this naturally.  The dryer balls are made from 100% wool yarn. The Magic Onions shows you how to make your own.

You can add essential oils if you would like a scent or leave it out if you are only looking for softness and anti-static properties. I love adding oils because I can change up the scent when I want something new. I can use more summery scents n summer and warmer woody scents in winter. These dryer balls also help clothing to dry faster so you will save money, first by not buying the throw away sheets all of the time but again by running the dryer for shorter times needed to dry the clothes.

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Paige Raymond
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