DIY 2×4 Jack Lifts Garage Wall for Repair

DIY 2x4 Jack Lifts Garage Wall for Repair

Someone had bumped the track on this garage door and knocked the plate out of kilter. With a diy 2×4 jack he was able to lift the wall and realign it. Over time the ground underneath your house and garage can begin shifting and settling which will more than likely cause issues with parts of the house.

DIY 2x4 Jack Lifts Garage Wall for Repair

This shifting can cause serious structural issues and it can cause a whole lot concern. The video was designed to introduce the viewer to a unique way of creating a wall jack using only a couple 2×4’s. While this would probably not work if the load was super heavy it did work really well for the job he used it on.

The Do It Yourself video showing how to make and then use a 2×4 jack to life a wall is from, Essential Craftsman. The presenter demonstrated how they were able to repair a sagging garage wall by using a homemade wooden jack using only 2 x 4’s. The information in the video was really easy to use.

Benefits of watching the DIY 2×4 Jack Lifts Garage Wall for Repair

Discover a unique 2×4 trick for raising a sagging garage wall and saving a ton of money.
The video includes a complete list of all of the materials, supplies, and tools you will need.
The video also includes a well-demonstrated step by step instruction guide on how to do it.
The video is the perfect medium for showing viewers how to use 2×4’s as a jacking mechanism.