DIY Backyard Beverage Cooler


If you have a lot of back yard get togethers check out this diy backyard beverage cooler. You can build this in a few hours and then when you have folks over for swimming or grilling you can have plenty of cold drinks on hand to serve them.  Having a party for the kids?

DIY Backyard Beverage Cooler

Chill the juice pouches and keep them cold. Teens having a swim party? Cold sodas all around and if you are having your friends over you can have some ice cold beer right there in the back, no need to go running inside all evening to get more from the fridge or drinking lukewarm beverages because all the ice melted in that tub or bucket you were using.

This is a great project. You use an inexpensive styrofoam cooler inside the wooden chest and you have a place for the ice scoop right on the chest along with a bottle opener. You could probably even add a basket underneath to hold straws and a wine cork and other drink utensils if you want to . Build a backyard beverage cooler and always have could drinks for your backyard guests.


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