Build ItDIY Balance Board

DIY Balance Board

This is a diy balance board project that you can make at home. A balance board is a great way to make your ankles stronger and it is often used in physical therapy. It is also great for children to help them with their balancing skills. If you or someone in your household needs to practise balancing skills or to strengthen the ankles this will do both. It will help kids with their motor skills. You can stand on it to wobble back and forth or side to side.

DIY Balance Board

This one is made of plywood so it should not cost a whole lot to make and shows you how to build your own balance board on Instructables. You can paint it or add non slip tape if you would like as well. Here are a couple of other toys that you could make this summer, How To Make a Plush Stick Horse Toy and Make a Plantable Homesteading Felt Vegetable Garden Box Toy for Kids, get the kids to help and they can learn and take pride in making toys instead of buying them. I really like these diy toys, when I was young my father built us a big slide that was a clown bending over to pick a flower, You climbed the ladder  up the back of his legs and then the slide was his back.

He also built us a wooden teeter totter and a swing set. I know I had other toys and I can remember a few favorites like a tape recorder that my friends and I used to pretend we were newscasters but I mostly remember those wooden yard toys that he spent time building for us in the garage and we got to help with sanding and painting and it was a good experience for us to spend that time with our father creating those things. I guess that is why it really sticks in my memory and why I love this kind of diy project.

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Melissa Francis
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