DIY ProjectsDIY Batting Practice System

DIY Batting Practice System

Most athletes will tell you that practice really does make perfect and that saying is very true. However, when it comes to being able to practice hitting a baseball it is not always convenient to having a person throwing ball to hit. For the smaller kids you can use a practice tee, but for older kids and adults this is not really an option. This DIY system is perfect batting practice option for the older batter.

DIY Batting Practice System

This is such a great idea. You can practice all day long instead of spending all of your time chasing the ball. It is also great because the batter can practice when they want without needing to wait for someone to throw the ball. This Do It Yourself project was posted by Welchjr on Instructables and describes how easy it is to build your own. All of the stuff needed can be easily found at most local supply or hardware stores. It only cost a few dollars and about an hour to put it together. Batting practice doesn’t get much easier that this. The project does not really require a whole lot of DIY skills to accomplish and can be done easily in an afternoon.

Benefits of using the DIY Batting Practice System

The project includes an easy to follow plan with all of the materials needs to get started with the project.
The included plan is fully downloadable, easy to follow and has a step by step guide.
You will also find several full color photos inside to give a good visualization of what it should look like.

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Paige Raymond
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