Build ItDIY Boomerang Project

DIY Boomerang Project

Make a boomerang, for hunting or just fun.

Recreating the boomerang that has been used in ancient time periods can be an interesting hobby for some. Hearing that boomerangs were found in ancient Europe surprises most folks as most  assume they first originated in Australia but there are older ones that have been found in other places.

DIY Boomerang Project

The Boomerang in the US is usually used by folks as a sort of toy but other cultures have used it for hunting, see the video below to watch a man hunting birds with his boomerang. This diy project will show you how to make your own returning boomerang out of plywood.

This boomerang making project is from Bossy Rangs on Instructables. He shows how to make it and then how you can fine tune the wings so it will return better and have a good loft to it. You can also buy a Returning Boomerang to practice with.

Benefits of reading the DIY Boomerang Project

Discover a link to the past so to speak with this unique type of boomerang, that with practice you could even use for silent hunting if you ever needed to.
The project includes a complete listing of all of the needed materials, supplies and tools in order to make it
It also includes an easy to download boomerang template with a step by step construction guide that covers everything from start to finish
There are numerous full color pictures that help to create a good visual reference of the project

Hunting with boomerang.


Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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