Essential OilsDIY Essential Oil Steam Inhaler

DIY Essential Oil Steam Inhaler

When you get all stuffed up from a cold next time try this diy essential oil steam inhaler.  Sometimes when you have that nasty end of summer cold or any cold that clogs up your chest and sinuses it can get hard to breathe. When that happens steam can sometime help loosen all that phlegm so you can get rid of it.

DIY Essential Oil Steam Inhaler
DIY Essential Oil Steam Inhaler

I know when I am like that a hot steamy shower can bring a little temporary relief. Vicariously Vintage has shared a recipe and technique to use essential oils and steamy water to help loosen that stuff up for a while. Once you start inhaling the steam with those essential oils in it your nasal passages and bronchial airways will let more air in and you can being to clear some of that gunk out.  If you think you have an infection you should probably see your doctor but if it is a cold this can really help relieve some of the misery.

That in turn allows you to get more rest and since rest is most likely what your body needs while it fights the cold you come out the winner. One thing nice about using essential oils is that you use such small amounts that a small bottle will last a long long time so in the long run you will save a lot of money by having them on hand for recipes like this one. For times when you can’t be at home to make the steamy water you can make some of these to carry in your car or purse and take them with you to work or where ever else you may be during the day. Homemade Natural Cold and Flu Inhaler.


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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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