DIY Fire Pumpkins

Anne Helmenstine

Halloween is coming fast. Time to prepare your jack o’lanterns. Check out these diy fire pumpkins that are sure to be a hit with older kids. As with any project or experiment involving fire please provide adult supervision when trying these out.

DIY Fire Pumpkins

From smoking and fog producing pumpkins to flame throwers and colored fire pumpkins there are 12 different pumpkins to make with instructions from Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D. Chemistry Expert on Chemistry. There is even a glow in the dark pumpkin. Some of these are really neat. One has a printable patter to carve a dragons face into the pumpkin and then instructions to make it breathe smoke and glow with red fire. I know a lot of kids will get a kick out of these jack 0’lanterns.

If you dip your carved pumpkin into a bucket of bleachy water right after carving it, the bleach will kill all germs and bacteria and help you pumpkin to keep from molding for a lot longer that if you don’t dip it in bleach water.  Get creative and share some science with the kids when you help them carve their pumpkins this year. Looking at the pictures of these flaming, foggy, smoke blowing jack o’lanterns I think the adults may end up having as much fun with it as the kids.

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