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DIY Furnace Maintenance

Now that summer is over and cooler weather is here see how to diy furnace maintenance to get ready for winter. If you ran your ac all summer then you probably either changed or cleaned your filter.

DIY Furnace Maintenance

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With the cooler weather you may want to check it again and if it is time get that changed or if you are like me and have an electrostatic permanent furnace filter, you will most likely want to take it outside and clean it with the hose before you put the hose away for the winter. I love my electrostatic filter because one I bought it I was done buying furnace filters. It creates static and captures all the dust particles and then you just force water through it backwards and all the dust and everything gets washed out.

Then you stand it on edge and let it dry and then just pop it back into the slot and you are done for another two or three months. These type of filters can be expensive but you can find great deals when they are on sale. The link above goes to them and they are on a fantastic sale right now if you have been wanting one. In this article from Buildapedia you will get a few more tips for performing maintenance on your furnace. You do need to have a professional come out and check the furnace out every few years but there are some things that are easy that you can do without paying someone. In the article and video they cover the filters and cleaning and checking the flue.

They didn’t cover a couple of things that I have on my furnace and I will share them with you. We have central air and there is a toggle switch on  the flu that we toggle back and forth between summer and winter. You should check to see if you have this toggle switch and turn it to winter when you will be turning on the furnace.

This opens the flu to let all the bad stuff out. We also have a humidifier and that needs to be turned on for the winter and then off in spring when we will be turning the ac back on. None of this is hard and there really is no reason you should have to pay someone to do this annual maintenance when you can do it yourself.

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