DIY Homebrewing Grain Mill


If you are a homebrewer you will probably be interested in this diy home brewing grain mill. It is made out of concrete because the creator lived where he had no access to scrap metal parts. He made the mill to grind or (crush if brewing beer) the grains used in the brewing.

DIY Homebrewing Grain Mill

The mill rollers are concrete and they are in a wood case. The rollers are adjustable so you can set the gap to get the best grind. To make the rollers he used some pvc pipe as a form for the concrete. There is a short video showing the mill working. It is hand cranking so you won’t have a motor to break down. Nor will you need to worry about electricity, at least not for the grain mill.

This looks like a pretty ingenious way to make your own grain mill from concrete and I think anyone that likes to brew some may like to make one for their brewing jobs. This idea is from Sean Fitzgerald Pottery.

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