DIY ProjectsDIY Illuminated Yard Balls

DIY Illuminated Yard Balls

DIY illuminated yard balls will make your yard or garden magical. In winter these will turn the place into a magical wonderland. In summer they will make your yard glow, place them in the corners or around the pool. Even on a deck or patio. Choose one color and make them match all of the others or make them different as seen in the picture. Either way you decide they will look beautiful once the sun goes down.

DIY Illuminated Yard Balls

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You can choose the size as well. These are made with chicken wire and strings of lights and I think they are awesome. I would love them year round but especially in the snow because the whole area around each ball get lit up the same color as the lights on the ball. Imagine if you used the strings of lights that have different sequences of lighting. Like the chaser lights.

That would be very pretty. Makale Park shares the tutorial for making these. I got a translated version and it is a bit stilted but it looks fairly simple and there are pictures that show how to make these gorgeous lighted balls. They would be pretty made a little smaller and placed in flower beds


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