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DIY Install A Custom Shower Glass Door – Comprehensive Guide

We all know that in cities we find studio apartments or houses with compact spaces, and creating the perfect ambiance in confined homes is quite tricky. You don’t only have to create a modern aura yet ought to make home practical. A bathroom is a confined yet cozy space of our home where we drain away all our tiredness and stress. Don’t you ever think this place should be functional, comfortable, and pretty much aesthetically appealing? So then, while planning to remodel your bathroom space you must rethink your decision regarding which one to choose- Shower Curtain Vs Custom Shower Glass Door! Therefore, this guide will help you to make your decision and at the end of the guide, you’ll be able to DIY install a shower glass door, too. Let’s start making things happen!


How Much Does a Custom Shower Door Cost?

You can buy a custom shower glass shop is usually between $1,000 and $1,500, and that’s the cost including 2 parts mainly; a door and frame. Get a custom shower door with your dream design and features at cheap rates, depending on the door size you need and the thickness of a glass panel. Well, if you go for professional help then it may cost you some additional bucks, approximately $300.

How To DIY Install A Shower Door

Here are the simple steps to smoothly install a shower door by yourself without any professional helping hand.

Tools and Materials

Power drill

Silicone sealant

Screws and hammer


Masking tape


Measure tape


Step-by-step Installation Process

Precisely Measure The Space

First, use a measuring tape to take the measurements accurately and make sure to note down the readings. Twice take the measurements for precision and to avoid any mess afterward.

Drill Holes & Settle The Rails

The holes for the side rails need to be drilled into the walls. Silicone rubbing at the threshold part after drilling will help to affix the rail firmly. If the side rails need to be moved or adjusted, do so now. In the pre-created holes, insert a plastic anchor. Fasten everything together using screws after you’ve set up the side rails.

Install Rubber Spacers

Insert the rubber spacers, they help to create a visible distance between two things that are going to be secure together. Rubber spacers keep the stationary side of the door in its place. The water stays inside the shower, and the door opens and closes with ease, these rubber seals are truly amazing.

Attach The Door

Position the door’s stationary panel so that it slides easily across the threshold. Then fasten the top and middle rail to the side panel. You can stop worrying about leaks if you use a shim to drive the glazing strip into the channel on both sides of the door. The air and water are kept out by the glazing or seal strips.

Screw The hinges To Bottom Railing

Install the hinges on the bottom rail before bringing in the swing door. Now install the door and gently press it so that it will stay in its place.

Let’s Take a Look At Benefits- Custom Shower Door

A wide range of sizes

Now, your chosen shower door fabricator can make the shower as big or as small as you like. There’s great flexibility in styling shower doors right according to your demand. A frameless glass shower door can be customized to match any size shower, from a luxurious spa to a compact corner walk-in.

Lets natural light in

Having adequate lighting in the bathroom is crucial. Finding your shampoo, soap, and razors in the shower might be a bit of a chore when it’s dark. By allowing in both natural and artificial light, a frameless glass shower door makes the area more usable.

Makes a room appear larger

Shower curtains can obstruct your view, on the other hand, the glass will allow you to look into the shower space, creating the illusion of a larger room, hence working well for a confined bathroom space.

Prevent soap scums and mildew

There will be less potential for mold to grow. Since there are no seals surrounding a frameless glass door, there is nowhere for soap and water to accumulate.


A shower door can be installed by yourself with only the right tools and expertise. Always double-check your measurements before beginning a new shower project. Within a couple of hours, if all goes well with the plan. And now, you have a terrific option for traditional shower curtains to brighten your bathroom.

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