Food Storage & SkillsDIY Instant Just Add Water Meals For Your Busy Life

DIY Instant Just Add Water Meals For Your Busy Life

For everyone that is busy juggling work and family ir for folks that are always on the go, weather to work or to play these instant meals can really help you get a decent meal in a hurry. No need to go through the fat fast food drive thrus. With these meals you only need to add boiling water and wait just a few minutes and you will be have a much healthier meal. There are six instant meals you can make and they all sound delicious. The six meals are a nice variety to get you started and then you can probably make a few on your own of your favorite ingredients.

DIY Instant Just Add Water Meals For Your Busy Life


Most of them call for freeze dried items but most of those can be replaced with dehydrated rather than freeze dried. You can dehydrate frozen vegetable very easily since all the peeling, chopping and blanching are done already.  Check out how here..Dehydrating frozen vegetables and dating and rotating your food storage. Making these meals can save you time and help you to eat a little better. They would be great to take camping or hiking and they would also be good to take to work for lunch. Much healthier that vending machine junk.

You can add the boiling water to the bag if you are out in the outdoors, just set the bag in a mug or bowl first. At work or even at home you can add the ingredients of the bag to a bowl and then add the water and bring it to a boil in the microwave then cover and let it stand for a little while or if you prefer add boiling water to the bowl and then cover. These would be good to keep in a bug out back or 72 hour pack as well. Just remember to rotate them out every so often so if you ever needed them they would at most be a few months old and not years old.



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