DIY Jalapeño Powder


DIY jalapeño powder made at home with jalapenos you have grown is such a great idea. You can leave the seeds in for a spicy kick or take the seeds out for a little less bite but either way you do it you will love having this powder to add to soups, stews, dips or pretty much anything you want to add it to. Kayotic shares the instructions on how to make it and then shares an idea of dried mixed red and green jalapenos with red onion flakes that they say is phenomenal flavor wise.

DIY Jalapeño Powder

Here is the pic of the red and green Jalapeños combined with dried red onion flakes, looks yummy.

Dried red and green jalapenos with dried red onion

We love the second one sprinkled on pizza. The powdered jalapeno makes great seasoning for tacos and burritos, it is even good on eggs.


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