HerbalDIY Lavender Filled Clothes Dryer Bags

DIY Lavender Filled Clothes Dryer Bags

Ditch the chemical laden softener and dryer sheets. Make these all natural diy lavender filled clothes dryer bags. Your clothes will smell amazing and they won’t be full of chemical scents.

Homemade Lavender Filled Clothes Dryer Bags for Scented Laundry - Alternative to Dryer Sheets

Before the invention of the clothes dryer the only way you could get your clothes dry would be to string a line between two posts and hang out out your clothes all day. The benefit of line drying is that your clothes pick up the fresh scents in air, which was a good thing except in the fall when folks would burn leaves ( I really hated the smell of burned leaves in my clothes). This article was designed to introduce the reader to an idea that makes it possible to bring the fresh, light scent of lavender to their clothes dryer.

To soften clothes and remove static you can add 2 or 3 wool dryer balls to the load. You can find wool dryer balls here>> Wool Dryer Balls.
This idea of filling bags with lavender for your clothes dryer is from Garden Therapy. The author put together a great article and project that most anyone should be able to follow. It can be used with freshly picked lavender from the garden or lavender purchased from a local store or even online.

The benefits of reading the Laundry Tips: DIY Lavender Filled Clothes Dryer Bags

Discover an inexpensive way to freshen your clothes in the dryer without having to buy expensive chemical filled dryer sheets and or softeners.
The article describes everything that you will need to have on hand in order to make them
It also talks about what steps you will need to follow in order to prepare the dryer bag in your home
You will find numerous full-color pictures inside the help to provide a good visual reference


Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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