LotionsThis DIY Lotion is an Amazing Dry, Cracked Hands Remedy

This DIY Lotion is an Amazing Dry, Cracked Hands Remedy

My hands always get so dry in winter. Luckily for me mine don’t ever get so bad that they crack. I go through hand cream like I own stock in it all winter long. Then I saw this recipe on Mother Earth News that is by Jami Cooley,R.N., C.N.W.C. and I will be making a batch of it right away. Made with organic oils and beeswax with a couple extra ingredients for cracked hands and essential oils if you wish this will be my favorite winter hand cream. I will make it with a different essential oil each time and enjoy all my favorite oils all winter.

 Jami Cooley, R.N., C.N.W.C.
Jami Cooley, R.N., C.N.W.C.



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