DIY Natural Cuticle Cream


For those who don’t know, cuticle creams are emollient, which just means that it serves as a lubricant to make the skin more pliable and much softer. It does this through making a protective layer to guard against loss of moisture.

Cuticle emollient might be creams at all. Others are made as oils, lotions, waxy substances or ointments. Usual additives include urea, lanolin, petroleum jelly, and mineral oil.
Through stopping cuticle from drying, there’s a low risk of damage if you are somebody who pushes it back as part of the nail care routine. For some, keeping cuticle supple means it’ll be less likely break and crack away from the nail.

There are various products available for people who are into pampering their nails and these include varnishes, lacquers, and enamels, undercoats, base coats, whiteners, hardeners, and conditioners. Many may be considered cosmetic and its sole purpose is to make the nails look more attractive. Cuticle creams are different since it helps you get rid of painful hangnail.

There are many benefits of using a cuticle cream. If you don’t want to buy one and make your own cuticle cream, it’s possible. Happy Mothering will show you how to make a DIY cuticle cream with orange and lavender essential oils. All you have to do is to check out below.