DIY ProjectsDIY Room Darkening Thermal Shade

DIY Room Darkening Thermal Shade

If your past winter seemed a bit drafty and you like your room dark this tutorial is for you. Learn how to make your how room darkening thermal shade.

DIY Room Darkening Thermal Shade

I have a room darkening set of curtains on my window but it doesn’t really help to insulate the area and I can feel cold radiating off of the glass when it is super cold and windy outside. I also  can see a small amount of light through the hols where the rod goes through the curtains. Not a lot but I like it pitch black when I am sleeping.  This tutorial is awesome because it shows how to make a shade that has both room darkening material and insulation, plus it hangs over the glass so you can leave your curtains up and just roll the shade up and down when you want to.

The shade also is help in place with command hooks and such so that even renters can use this shade.  The tutorial is from  By Brittany Goldwyn and I think it is genius. If you don’t really need room darkening curtains but you do need serious thermal curtains you might like Make Your Own Energy Saving Thermal Curtains Project.  I think I am going to make the shade because I could use both the thermal and the darkening aspects.


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Paige Raymond
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