DIY Super Cheap Stand To Turn Your Bike Into A Stationary Bike


If you love to ride your bike but don’t like to in winter because it is cold and wet or you want to ride at night but it is not safe to ride outdoors this is for you. Add some inexpensive pegs to the back axle of your bike and build this super cheap diy stand. The Cheapskate Mom shares the idea her hubby had of making this stand for her to be able to exercise on the bike in her own home. I know they sell this type of stand but they are no where near as cheap to buy as this had to be to build. I am sure if you have some scrap wood around you could use it and then the only expense would be the pegs. They are not expensive, you can find a decent pair for around 8 dollars. So now you can use your bike outdoors when you want and indoors when you don’t want to be outside.  No more reason to skip your daily ride.


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