DIY Survival Flare

Make you own diy survival flare that you can use as an intruder alarm. Once you have made the flare you can situate it where you would like and then run fishing line from it to a tree or even a stick that has been pounded into the ground. As someone walks  into the fishing line it will light the flare and alert you to the presence of an intruder.

DIY Survival Flare

The video also mentions that you could use the flare as a fire starter, You could also use it to send a message to others at night. It would be super cheap to make as you use inexpensive sparklers and stick matches along with tape. If you have a large area to watch over these could be scattered around to make it easier to know when someone has entered your boundaries. You can see how they are made in the video from North Survival.

Since these are all taped up once you have put them together you could store them in a ziplock bag to keep out moisture and that way you could make a bunch of them at once and then have them on hand when you need them. These might even work to keep deer out of your garden if they had to walk thru the fishing line, the flare would probably scare them off.

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