DIY ProjectsDIY Ten Easy Car Repairs

DIY Ten Easy Car Repairs

Here are tutorials for ten easy car repairs. Don’t you hate when you have to take your car to a mechanic and they hand you the bill and when all is said and done you paid like 9 dollars for a part and 160 dollars for the labor to replace the part.

DIY Ten Easy Car Repairs

 I know I do, so when I saw these ten easy car repairs I made sure to bookmark the page so I can find my way back if I ever need one of the 10 repairs. There are instructions on the following repairs that you can easily do yourself. Replace the air filter, replace the pcv valve, replace the gas lifts on the hood or trunk, replacing the bulbs other than headlights, replacing a broken antenna, touching up chips in the paint, fix a sunroof that leaks, repair small dents, fix torn leather or vinyl and replacing the cabin air filter ( who even knew there was one?)

All of these repairs look fairly simple and   Family Handyman shares the tutorials for making the repairs. Imagine if you made all of these repairs by yourself how much money would you save. I would say at least a couple of car payments worth. Here is a little tip for stains on the carpet in your car or even in your house. I use Spot Shot and it does a fantastic job, even on old stains. So if your coffee has dampened the floor a few mornings or the kids have made a few spills in the car this stuff will probably get rid of that spot. It works really well and I have even gotten an old grape juice stain to come up using it.

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Paige Raymond
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