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Does Your Honey Have Pollen In It – List Of Brands That Don’t

If you use honey at your house and are hoping that it will be nutritional and have good health benefits then you may be interested in this article. Raw honey should have pollen in it and by analyzing the pollen, experts can determine where the honey comes from based on what plants the bees collected the pollen from. But it seems that a lot of companies are doing what is called ultra filtering which not only removes any bits of wax or insect parts but also every single bit of pollen.

The honey doesn’t need to be ultra filtered, regular filtering will remove wa and insect parts but leave the pollen. So it seems the only reason anyone would want to filter honey to remove the pollen would be someone that wanted to hide where the honey came from. Food Safety News ran tests on over 60 jars of honey in 10 different states and found out that almost all of the honey tested had been ultra filtered and had no pollen.

They even provide a list of the brands they found that contain no pollen at all, So if you would like to know if the brand of honey you use has been ultra filtered check out the article. You may want to find a new source for purchasing your honey. If you would like to buy pure raw honey in your area from local beekeepers you can find one by looking on HONEY, where they have a map and you can click on your state and see all available honey in your area. Most you can even order from online if they are too far to drive.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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