Natural RemediesDog: Ear Mites & Flea Repellant Recipes

Dog: Ear Mites & Flea Repellant Recipes


Ear Mites Recipe:

Make a mild solution of tea tree oil and water, five drops of oil to 1 per cup of water.
Gently drip about ten drops of the blended mixture into your pet’s ear.
Also, dip a cotton ball in the solution and clean the inside of the their ear.

Fleas Repellant Recipe:

The first step is to vacuum every carpeted area in your house thoroughly. Empty your vacuum outside of the house.
Bonus flea killing power…. add 4 drops Tea Tree Oil & 4 drops Peppermint in your vacuum bag.
Not only will it help kill fleas but it will repel spiders as well.


2nd step : 12 drops Tea Tree Oil & 8 drops Peppermint oil per 1 cups into a spray bottle.
Spray the liquid on carpets, around couches and other areas.

A single female flea can produce hundreds of eggs each month.
Spray around your home once a week to maintain your flea free home.

I also use a Lice Comb to comb out my short haired dog’s hair. It catches the live fleas and most of the eggs.



Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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