CraftsFrugal Dollar Store Spice Cupboard Makeover

Frugal Dollar Store Spice Cupboard Makeover

This frugal dollar store spice cupboard makeover is simple way to bring order to the chaos that is often found in a spice cabinet. We all want our kitchen supplies to easily be within reach, clearly labeled and always stocked.

Especially when cooking our family’s meals each and every day, it saves time and effort to be well organized. One of the few areas where we always need organization is our dried herbs and spices cupboard.

Most of us have delegated them to a single cupboard where they are just sort of thrown in there and we have to dig around each time until we find the one we want. This can highly aggravating to those of us that want a better system without having to spend tons of money or lose tons of counter space.

Frugal Dollar Store Spice Cupboard Makeover

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There is a way we can keep the herbs and spices cupboard so we can see them clearly and pull the one we want when we need it.

The good news is, you can find all of your needed supplies at your local dollar store. You’ll want to track down some spice jars about 15 or so to cover all the spices you have as well as riser of some kind to store your spices. Then, you’ll want to make labels for the spices you have to place upon the spice jars. Replace your old spice containers for the new ones, putting the right spice in the right container, of course. And, voila, you have your own spice cupboard. Pretty neat, huh?

Click here to read about how to create a frugal dollar store spice cupboard makeover:

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