Raising LivestockRe-purpose A Playhouse For Chicken Coop

Re-purpose A Playhouse For Chicken Coop

Re-purpose a playhouse for chicken coop and not only will your backyards chickens get a whole new house, you will also save money over buying one and save space at the landfill. Plus it looks super cute. By adding a run under and to the side you get a nice sized coop for a backyard and the chickens have a decent area to run around.

 Re-purpose A Playhouse For Chicken Coop

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The instructions for repurposing your own playhouse into a chicken coop is shared by Little Things. She tells us that the windows are covered with hardware cloth. The run has some roosts at different heights that the chickens even sleep on at night. The windows get covered with plastic in winter to keep the chickens warmer. Also the wood at the bottom was all sealed with silicone to keep water and snow from seeping in.

This is an adorable chicken coop for backyard chickens and since the play house in made out of plastic it should last for many many years. The nest box has an opening from the outside to make egg collection easier. This project turned out so cute the kids will probably want their playhouse back, even if they haven’t looked at it for years.


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Paige Raymond
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