Food Storage & SkillsDownload Frugal Pantry Food Storage Inventory Sheets

Download Frugal Pantry Food Storage Inventory Sheets

Come download frugal pantry food storage inventory sheets as an awesome tool to help homesteaders not overspend because they will know exactly what they have.

Download Frugal Pantry Food Storage Inventory Sheets

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Just because there is a lot of food doesn’t mean it is consumed or preserved very well. Food easily goes to waste because it isn’t consumed or it isn’t stored properly. It is important to store and keep strict inventory with foods bought, especially if living in a smaller home with a lack of space to hold everything.

Here is the year round storage/inventory plan. First, empty the freezer in January to defrost and clean. When filling it up again, count on what is there. In the spring, it’s the pantry’s turn to get cleaned out and have its contents counted. Organize everything – boxers, jars, and cans – to have it in order when looking for something. In the summer, it’s the fridge’s turn to get the clean-and-count treatment. Repeat throughout the year, note everything that is there, and create an inventory sheet on Microsoft Excel.

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It is good to update it every 2 to 4 weeks during the period, writing the date, the item, the amount, and any specific comments about the product.

This is an easy, simple way to know what is there to eat and drink in the house. It’s important to not waste what is bought. In a country that is plentiful of goods, wasting food is just pitiful. So, use what is bought and write down everything so nothing is forgotten.

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