ChickensDresser Drawer Chicken Egg Hatching Incubator DIY Project

Dresser Drawer Chicken Egg Hatching Incubator DIY Project

This Dresser Drawer Chicken Egg Hatching Incubator DIY Project takes items you may already have in your home to build a functional needed homesteading tool to increase your flock.

Dresser Drawer Chicken Egg Hatching Incubator DIY Project

Many feathered friend lovers have always dreamed of having a backyard filled with cute yellow chicks. You can breed and raise your own chickens with the help of your own incubator.

If you have a set of old dresser drawers lying about, you can reuse it to make you own 20 chicken egg incubator. With a little time and hardly any effort, you make quickly assemble together a chicken incubator with items readily available in your garage and toolbox.


(2) old drawers with identical measurements

(2) hinges

(4) metal tabs (rectangle with 2 holes)

(1) L shaped bracket

(1) 1″ one hole strap

(1) drawer handle or knob

(1) LG auto turner

(1) small deadbolt

(1) lamp kit

(1) CPU fan

(1) AC adapter

(1) light socket plug

(1) extension cord

(1) surge protective power strip

(1) 15w lightbulb

(1) 11w lightbulb

(1) roll foil insulation

(1) roll foil insulation tape

(1) strip of 1″ oak trim

(1) section of holey plastic gutter guard

(2) plexi-glass window panes

(1) rubber door stopper

(1) 1″ vinyl tubing (several inches)

(1) refillable plastic ketchup bottle

(1) plastic butter dish top

(1) Rubbermaid container lid

(1) Nut and bolt

Short wood screws

wood glue


Electrical hand saw

Sheet Metal snippers



Power drill – various sized bits

Make sure your incubator is properly insulated. You can use ordinary foil or invest in construction grade insulation, it depends on your budget. You will need the Plexiglas window pane to fit on top of the incubator as a viewing pane.

An effective incubator needs to operate and maintain a certain temperature. To make sure your incubator has the necessary consistent temperature is needs, fit an electronic temperature gauge to the outside. Make sure you can easily view the temperature settings and that the gauge can accurately read the temperature inside the incubator. You can use thermometer wire leading from the temperature gauge to the inside.

The instructions are easy to follow and very soon you will be able to view the hatching of your first flock.

Click here to read about how to build a Dresser Drawer Chicken Egg Incubator DIY Project:

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Melissa Francis
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