Driving Your Own Water Well

Learn how to drive your own water well. When it comes to setting up a homestead, finding a good source of freshwater on your chosen property should be your first priority. While having a nice pond, lake or stream running across your property would be ideal, but an underground aquifer is equally acceptable. However, getting the water out of the ground is what the real trick is and using the best method is paramount. This DIY project will focus on a getting the water out of the ground called a driven well.

Driving Your Own Water Well

This Do It Yourself project is from Backwoods Home Magazine. It describes one of the more common methods of manually getting water out of the ground without having to use expensive drilling equipment or electric pumps to provide safe drinking water. It is all explained in a way that is easy to read and also is really understandable.

Benefits of reading and using the Driving Your Own Water Well article

The project describes all of the necessary materials, supplies and tools you will need.
It also explains a method to find the site and how to build a driven water type well.
It also includes a step by step instructional guide on how it is all done.
You will also find several full color pictures that help provide a good visual of the project.


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