CraftsDye Your Yarn with Colorful Kool Aid Packets

Dye Your Yarn with Colorful Kool Aid Packets

Dye your yarn with colorful kool aid packets to make bright beautiful rainbow of colors for your knitting and crochet projects.

Dye Your Yarn with Colorful Kool Aid Packets

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If you are looking for how to dye your own yarn but have little or no idea on how it is done, these easy and simple tips will be of great help to you.

Before you begin, here are the supplies you will need:

– A container

– Vinegar

– Water

– Kool-Aid

– 100% Wool or Other Natural Fiber

Steps to take before starting:

– For accurate precision, use weight to find the amount of yarn you require for the project.

– Just like winding Christmas lights, Wrap the yarn around your elbow to give it a long circular shape.

– In order to avoid tangles during the dyeing process, it is recommended you tie the yarn with some spare yarn.

Getting down with colors:

Picking the right color for your Kool-Aid packet is not really a problem as it has already been provided right in front of the packet for you by the brilliant makers of Kool-Aid. You could probably use plastic cups, drinking glasses, Mason jars or any other dish to dye the yarn in. Only use vinegar if you are using food dye! If you want an intense color, use heat. This will help it set the color faster.

Knowing when it’s ready to come out

You can know this by just looking at it and occasionally lifting the yarn out of the jar. If you lost a lot of dye while rinsing, try to stick it back in the dye for a little longer.

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Melissa Francis
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