Household TipsEasily Peel Fresh Laid Eggs

Easily Peel Fresh Laid Eggs

Easily peel fresh laid eggs. I know that those of you that have chicken are probably saying what?! But there is a secret to boiling fresh eggs that allows you to end up with perfectly boiled and peeled eggs, even freshly laid eggs. I know most folks that have chickens usually just set the fresh egg aside to age for a while. That will work just fine but didn’t you start having chicken so that you could have your own fresh eggs?

Easily Peel Fresh Laid Eggs

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So then if you need to set them aside for a while and let them age, how are you eating fresh eggs. Once you learn this secret way of making boiled eggs you will be able to cook and peel them while they are still fresh eggs. Then you can make you egg salad or deviled eggs or even one of my favorite ways to eat boiled eggs. I like to cut it into 5 or 6 pieces and then dribble a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar over it. Mmm so yummy. We eat them halved in salads too. They are really good with the buttermilk ranch dressing that we put on salad. If you have an over abundance of eggs you might like this recipe for pickling them, Pickled Eggs. These are pickled with beet juice and the whites take on the color of the beets and are really stunning when you slice them or even just cut in half. They are kept in the fridge and you can eat them when ever you wish, as a snack or lite meal or they are always ready to add to a salad. Get the secret for easy to peel boiled eggs from Fresh Eggs Daily.



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Paige Raymond
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