RecipesEasy Breakfast NUTELLA Stuffed Pancakes Recipe

Easy Breakfast NUTELLA Stuffed Pancakes Recipe

These easy breakfast nutella stuffed pancakes recipe does take some forethought but really is super simple to make and quite delicious !

Chocolate is a weak point for everyone. If someone claims they don’t like chocolate, they probably haven’t been eating the right chocolate. And, as bakers and chef’s become more and more creative, there are more and more delicious ways of eating chocolate being invented every single day.

One of the greatest chocolate inventions of all times is Nutella. This Italian spread is made with hazelnuts and cocoa and goes perfectly with everything, from fruit to croissants. There is no way you can go wrong with Nutella.

This recipe is one of the greatest ways to indulge your sweet tooth. It takes the chocolatey goodness that is Nutella and mixes it with the worlds’ best breakfast food, pancakes. This is a recipe for Nutella stuffed pancakes. Not Nutella sandwiched pancakes. Stuffed. Yes, the author of this recipe figured out how to put Nutella inside a pancake. If you’re ready to find out how, read on!

This recipe requires the following ingredients:

– Nutella
– Flour
– Baking Powder
– Sugar
– Salt
– Egg
– Milk
– Vanilla Essence
– Butter
– Strawberries

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Easy Breakfast NUTELLA Stuffed Pancakes Recipe
Easy Breakfast NUTELLA Stuffed Pancakes Recipe

The author will explain that the secret to making these pancakes is preparing a little bit beforehand. She places discs of Nutella on parchment paper an hour or two before she’s making the pancakes and freezes them. While this can be done the night before you’re due to make the pancakes, the fact that the Nutella freezes in a few hours is great news for those who want to make these pancakes as soon as possible.

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