BeveragesEasy Homesteading Recipe for Wine Making

Easy Homesteading Recipe for Wine Making

This step by step tutorial is an easy homesteading recipe for wine making that tastes delicious without the complicated work.

This is an easy recipe to make wine. And the word easy is not an exaggeration here. This is so easy, you could probably manage to do it even after you had that bottle of wine mentioned earlier. In a few simple steps, you can have a jug full of wine fermenting in your pantry. And, within a few weeks, that wine can grace your table as you serve it to guests. Or you can keep it to yourself. There’s no judgement here.
Easy Homesteading Recipe for Wine Making

The best part about this recipe is that since it’s so cheap and easy to make, you can have several jugs made at the same time, so your wine stores will be good for the winter.

For this recipe, you will need the following ingredients:

– Glass Gallon Jar
– Sugar
– Boiling Water
– Dry Yeast
– Grape Juice
– Balloon
– String or a Rubber Band

And just like that, you’ll have gallons of your own wine!

A cup or two of wine in the evening can really help relax you after a long day. A bottle will relax you even more, but might not be as great the morning after. Whether you’re a casual wine drinker or if you’re closer to an Olivia Pope drinker, this is the perfect tutorial for you. Because, yes, a glass of wine in the evening is great. But even better is a glass of homemade wine, one that was mixed and perfected by yourself.

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